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The Nooksack Loop Trail is by no means a new idea. Whatcom County's Parks and Recreation Department has been planning for it since 1973 and has carried over these plans into as late as its 2008 Open Space plan (as the below maps attest). The trail is composed of segments from former trail efforts such as the Coast Millennium Trail, the Nooksack River Trail, and the Bay to Baker Trail.

1973 Map
1973 Whatcom County Parks Plan (above)
2008 Whatcom County Open Space Plan
2008 Comp Plan

The Nooksack Loop Trail Committee is comprised of citizens from each of the constituencies to be connected by the trail (Everson, Ferndale, Lynden, Bellingham, Nooksack, unincorporated Whatcom County).  While they hope eventually to turn the project over to the Whatcom County government for actual completion, it is their belief that a groundswell of grassroots support from Whatcom County citizens is what it will take to get this proposed project onto the books.

The Nooksack Loop Trail Committee, a sub-committee of the Foundation’s board, has been meeting for the past 3 years in an attempt to understand the impediments to building the trail, and the opportunities that may secure its success.  The members of the committee are optimistic about the potential of the trail, but recognize that it will ultimately be the decision of Whatcom County citizens whether to move forward with the plan.

The trail is supported by the Mayors, City Councils and Park Advisory Boards of all the cities involved. Their letters of support can be found on here.


About the Committee

The Nooksack Loop Trail Committee is comprised of citizens from every community along the proposed Nooksack Loop Trail route. They meet monthly at rotating locations in these communities. The Committee currently consists of:

  • Daniel Tepper, Bellingham
  • Dan Taylor, Bellingham
  • Marc Curtis, Bellingham
  • Janet Boyhan, Everson
  • Andy Rowlson, Everson
  • Colleen Unema, Lynden
  • Jeff Davis, Lynden
  • Vern Meenderinck, Lynden Parks Department
  • Jon Van Tilburg, Ferndale Park Advisory Board
  • Mike McFarlane, Whatcom County Parks Department
  • Gary Jensen, Mayor of Ferndale
  • Keri Shepherd, Nooksack Tribe Transportation Planner

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