2015 Helping Hand Grants

Heather Carter Community, Giving

WPRF is pleased to announce our 2015 HELPING HAND Grant Program for parks, trails and recreation opportunities in Whatcom County. We offer this grant opportunity for your group or organization to partner with WPRF, and to provide opportunities for citizens to build community while contributing to enhancement and value of our parks and trails.

Our goal is to build active partners in caring for our public parks and trails. We will work with groups and organizations on your grant projects. We can assist in strengthening citizen
partnerships with their local parks and recreation agencies, and we hope to provide support in outreach to bring others into being actively involved with their parks and trails.

We encourage community advocates to make an application for our grant as soon as possible. The grant deadline is May 14, 2015.  Winners will be announced at our spring auction on June 5th, 2015. Visit the Helping Hand Grant page for more information.