A Memory is a Gift

Heather Carter Community, Giving, Story

Memorial ParkWe recently received a donation from one of our board members in memory of a good friend who had just passed. Our board member Nadine Kaaland wanted to find a way to honor her friend’s memory, and decided that a gift to the Foundation would be a great way to help build community and ensure a strong legacy of parks, trails, and recreation opportunities in our area.

“Joan was an enthusiastic supporter of Whatcom County Parks for many years. Her spirit and energy lives on in our parks and hearts.”Nadine Kaaland, Board Member, Whatcom Parks & Recreation Foundation

In 2015 we received 10 donations totaling nearly $700 in memory of another local resident and trail walker Martha (Marty) Gehler.  Friends and family members from across the nation sent in checks in her honor because she was a proponent of trails and a regular trail walker in our area.  She was a talented artist, a high school art teacher for several years, and an interior designer. She moved to Bellingham for the great trails and outdoor recreation opportunities. One friend shared, “when she decided to move out West from Illinois several years ago, she sold her home and her possessions and drove out in her car stuffed with all she owned, including her favorite house plants and her box of letters from our group of Proviso High School friends.” The gifts in her honor have helped to support WPRF’s efforts in promoting and advocating for trail projects in our area, including the Nooksack Loop Trail, the Airport Trail Advisory Plan, the Bay to Baker Trail, and more.

We are touched and honored to receive gifts in memory of local residents who believed as we do in building a lasting legacy of parks, trails, and recreational opportunities available to all residents and visitors to Whatcom County. If you would like to donate to the Foundation and share the story of a loved one, please contact the Foundation. Thank you.