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 Tuesday, August 4th – Broadway Park Tour and Picnic at the Roeder Home

Thanks to all of the wonderful people who came out to our walk and tree tour on Tuesday, August 4th! We had over 65 enthusiastic folks join in the walk, and even picked up a few more interested passersby as the tour progressed through the park.  After the walk, everyone returned to the Roeder Home for self-guided tours, cookies and lemonade, and some good conversation with our Foundation board members and fellow guests.

Special thanks to John Wesselink for leading our tour!  John shared a lot of knowledge in a fun and friendly manner. Thanks, John! We hope that we can team up for another walk/tour soon.

Check out a few photos from the event in our photo gallery or on Facebook


Resources from the tour:   Trees of   Broadway Park Guide

Meet our Broadway Park tour guide John Wesselink:

… spent an unhealthy amount of time in arboreta, botanical gardens, college campuses, cemeteries, national, state, and local parks—even old sanitoria—looking at trees very closely.
John Wesselink
I’m John Wesselink. I’m a Western alumnus, class of 76, BA in Literary History with a minor in Art History,  and here I am, seemingly incongruously leading you on the tree tour. I’m completely self-taught in dendrology. . . that’s the study of trees and shrubs But I’m not a dendrologist. I haven’t done any of the coursework, and I’m certainly not an arborist as I often get called. I don’t plant ‘em, prune ‘em, disease treat ‘em, cut ‘em down, or climb up in them,  and the terms “tree expert” or “the tree man” that I hear occasionally would apply far more aptly and deservedly to others in the field than to me. What I have done to qualify for this gig is spent an unhealthy amount of time in arboreta, botanical gardens, college campuses, cemeteries, national, state, and local parks—even old sanitoria—looking at trees very closely. I’ve made tree maps of and guided tree tours through many of Bellingham’s parks I’ve given talks on Bellingham’s heritage trees.  When I retired from my day job back in 2007 I took an 18 month, 120,000-mile trip in a VW camper looking for the US’s 780 or so native tree species growing in their native ranges. . . . I found 760 of them. It was a great treasure hunt. In brief, what I am is a fellow with a pathological inability to walk by a tree without knowing what it is.

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  1. Hello,
    I am wondering what all your tour involves in the walking aspect of it since I have a bad knee. If this is a type of tour that will be on level ground and you are stopping to talk some then I could do it easily. I often go on short hikes with my husband and daughter using a hiking stick. If we go on longer hikes that are level with gravel I use my walker. My walker has a seat so I can stop to rest if needed. My husband would be coming with we as well and isn’t handicapped. I sure would like to go on your tour if at all possible. Please respond and let me know what all it takes to do the tour.
    Thank you,
    Candy Kvidahl

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      Hi Candy, I will double-check with our tour guide and get back to you. Broadway Park is down in a gully so there would be some incline as you enter and exit the park. I believe that the bulk of the walk will be along the bottom of the gully on fairly level grass. We will be stopping along the way as our guide shares information and points of interest. The whole walk will be more of a slow meander, and is less than a mile in length. Hope that helps for now, and I will get back to you with more information from our tour guide. Cheers! ~WPRF

      1. Thank you so much. I did go ahead and sign up for the tour since I wasn’t sure if it would fill up. So you know I could walk down an incline too if not really steep. That is no problem since my walker folds up and my hubby could carry it down for me. I just need the walker to sit if we were to stop to talk a lot along the way. We also have gone on 3 mile walks as well so going a mile would be OK if I had my walker. I will wait to hear back from you. Thank you…….. Candy 🙂

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          Hi Candy,
          I think we’ll be fine to give it a try, and look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening for the walk. ~WPRF

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