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16299009_1357974510948577_5344473770949639484_nThe City of Bellingham has just announced that the historic gateway pillars that mark the entrance to Fairhaven Park will be demolished. Demolition and salvage of the iconic gateway structures is scheduled for February.

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The City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department estimates that replacing the structures will cost $250,000. Cost projections are based on planner’s estimates for the market rate of expenses like architectural and engineering plans, permits, labor, and material costs. According to department officials, “Reuse of parts of the salvaged pieces, or replication with new materials, both are possible.”

Replacement of the structures is not currently in the budget or Department plans for the near-future. This was not an expected situation, but the deterioration of the structures is significant enough that they need to be taken down soon in the interest of public safety. Citizens across the city have reacted strongly to the news, and many have expressed a wish to help with the costs to rebuild.

“Staff has valiantly explored all options to save the structure, but unfortunately, due to safety reasons, they must be taken down. Because they are both historic and iconic, we are hopeful the public funds can be raised to rebuild them, and the decorative pieces will be salvaged and stored to assist in that effort.”Mayor Kelli Linville

$1,123 donated as of 2/10/17.
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You Can Help
We need generous citizens like you to:

Donate to the Fairhaven Park Gateway Fund – donations will be held until we have a plan to move forward with the project.

Volunteer your time – The WPRF is looking for volunteers to help coordinate this project. Please contact us for more information!

The Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation, in partnership with the City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department, have established a fund to support the restoration/rebuilding of the gateway pillars. The Whatcom Parks and Recreation Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization founded in 1989 to promote and encourage public and private support for parks, trails, and recreational opportunities throughout Whatcom County, its cities and communities. Donations may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional for current guidelines.