Family Hike to Lake Ann – By board member Mallory Wilson

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August, 2015

IMG_20150816_114646482Choosing where to spend an afternoon hiking in Whatcom County can be the hardest part – the choices are almost endless! This August, my husband & I decided to spend time near Mount Baker and hike Lake Ann with our 14 month old girl.

My favorite part of this hike is when you step out of the trees for the first time and are greeted by a beautiful little valley, with rock formations on either side of you, as the narrow path follows a tiny meandering stream. It always takes my breath away. We picked a good day to go this year – clear blue skies let us see Mount Baker in all her glory.


IMG_20150816_131633852About half way to the lake, a hiker had tripped and twisted his knee on his way down. There happened to be a number of hikers nearby, us included, who were happy to take a few minutes to assist.

A man ran down the path searching for the ranger who we had seen hiking, while my husband went on a search for a walking stick. The ranger came, a walking stick was found and we left knowing the man, despite being in a good deal of pain, insisted he could make it out, with the ranger by his side. It was neat to see the sense of community that formed a couple miles into the forest.


IMG_20150816_141017262We made it to the lake, where our daughter insisted on wading in. She didn’t last long; it was quite cold! Making it to Lake Ann is my husband’s favorite part because as you head down to the lake, the west side of Mount Shuksan is to your left.

He enjoys listening to the glaciers groan & creak and hear the waterfalls careen down the mountain. We hope to one day make it an overnight trip and pitch a tent by the lake. This time though, we packed up our sleepy daughter, laced up our shoes (we had to dip our toes in the lake too!) and retraced our steps back through the forest under the gaze of Mount Baker. We make it back to our car with a sense of satisfaction; a great family hike to round out this beautiful northwest summer.

IMG_20150816_134809943~Mallory Wilson